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Radio Flyer - In The Twenties
Radio Flyer - In The Twenties
The roaring twenties was a decade that began with a sense of optimism and a carefree spirit, and ended with the fall of the stock market and the beginning of the Great Depression. But while many had to figure out ways to make-do in a troubled America, Antonio Pasin was on the way to revolutionizing his vision. Radio Flyer Factory Truck
Radio Flyer Factory
The Assembly Line Stamped Steel Display A Proud Antonio Painting Wagons
Despite the rising pressures of the times, Pasin and the Liberty Coaster Company pushed forward, with the automotive industry as inspiration. Pasin began using metal-stamping technology to produce steel wagons — and with his consistent eye for innovation, applied mass-production techniques to wagon-making, creating the first wagon, "For every boy. For every girl." These innovations earned Pasin the nickname, "Little Ford."

The Liberty Coaster Line was established before the Radio Flyer Line, which produced high quality, affordable wagons. Here is a glimpse into the past with one of the very first advertisements.
Enjoying the Liberty Coaster

As times of the 20's grew tough, America, and American's learned how to make do, or simply do without. But even in tough times they dreamed of a better life for their children, and continued to demand the basic value that Radio Flyer delivered.

Pictured are two children playing with the classic No. 4 Liberty Coaster.