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  The Beginning
Radio Flyer - In The Sixties

The Sixties were times of cultural and political revolution — it was the decade that witnessed the Civil Rights movement, listened to groundbreaking music, made strides towards the moon, and entered into the Vietnam War. In this time of rapid change, Radio Flyer forged ahead with innovative products and revolutionary designs, while maintaining their core values.


   Radio Flyer past Logos
1967 was the Golden Anniversary of Radio Steel, and business was stronger than ever. The wagons were still made with the same quality craftsmanship and care that have become trademarks of Radio Flyer, and new technologies allowed for even greater expansion. In addition to a number of new products, Radio Flyer designed three new logos (pictured above).  
The Scat Racer  
The Scat Racer (pictured left) became the most innovative racer to date! Its revolutionary new design incorporated additional safety features, while remaining one of the lightest and most compact ride-on toys on the market. The colored discs (pictured left) were featured in the original ad, and showcased all of that the Scat Racer had to offer — but best of all, it was not only safe, it was fun!
The Baby Walker
Radio Flyer also introduced the Baby Walker, designed to help small children take their first steps. The Baby Walker could also be used for storage, all types of imaginative play, and exercise. It was a triumph for toddlers everywhere.


To continue to keep pace with the revolutionary times of the sixties, Radio Flyer decided to change their advertising style. More dynamic and colorful illustrations were used, but the message was still simple — Radio Flyer made high quality products "For Every Boy. For Every Girl."