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Radio Flyer in 2000 Radio Flyer in 2000
It's a new world, and today’s families want safety, comfort and convenience – without fun ever taking a back seat! Today Radio Flyer continues to create new and exciting products that reflect the needs of today’s on-the-go family… Fueled by our imagination and the creative spirit that has propelled us from the very beginning, nearly 90 years of innovation and we’ve only just begun! Radio Flyer in 2000
Toy Hall Of Fame

Toy Hall Of Fame
When our founder, Antonio Pasin, started the Liberty Coaster Wagon Company in 1917, little did he know he would help nurture the imaginations of millions of children.

With every little red wagon, one little boy or girl dreams of being an astronaut, a race car driver, a firefighter… a hero.

When a toy has had this much influence from one generation to the next, it’s destined for special recognition. Sure enough, in 2003, Antonio Pasin was honored by becoming the 44th toy innovator to be inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame commends individuals who have significantly contributed to the growth and success of the toy industry.

Everyone at Radio Flyer is proud and honored by this award. Congratulations, Antonio!

World Headquarters

World Headquarters
Our founder taught us to dream big. And so we have. We’ve completely renovated our corporate offices, and the playful character and color of our brand now surrounds us. We can literally breathe our brand. Step in and take a look for yourself and you will know – we are totally committed to Antonio Pasin’s vision and the spirit of Radio Flyer.
Twist Trike Lets Do The Twist
Radio Flyer’s creative wheels never stop turning. Take “bikes for tykes” for example. We asked kids and parents what they really want. Now they’ve got it in the new Twist Trike. Featuring an ergonomic grow-with-me design, the Twist Trike quickly and easily transforms from a traditional tricycle into a chopper-style three wheeler – and back again. It’s two-trikes-in-one –Talk about innovation with a twist!

The #1 Wagon Maker
You know those thoughtful features that make SUV's so appealing? We've put them in our most innovative wagons, the Ultimate Family & Pathfinder wagons. Each boasts major storage capacity, molded cup holders for refreshments and extra large, quiet ride tires for an easy ride. Both wagons feature seatbelts for safety, plus the seats fold up for a comfy ride and fold down to a flatbed for hauling heavy loads. It's clear these best selling wagons run on pure ingenuity (Now what SUV can say that?)

The #1 Wagon Maker

The #1 Wagon Maker
Best Scooter For Beginner Riders
Little ones look so confident on this scooter. The “My First Scooter” comes fully assembled and it features two wheels in front, a wide base for stability and the scooter folds for portability. This scooter is the perfect first scooter for your child, and has all the great qualities that you've come to expect from Radio Flyer.
The #1 Trike Maker
Families on the go were just who we had in mind when we came up with the Deluxe Steer & Stroll and Fold to Go Trike. The Fold to Go comes fully assembled and also folds up for storage and portability. The Deluxe Steer & Stroll trike allows adult to turn the front wheel with the push handle. Both trikes have storage bins for the little ones to carry their treasures. It's safety, convenience, and fun…all in one.
The #1 Trike Maker