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  The Beginning
Radio Flyer - The 80's
The Eighties, also known as the Reagan Era, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and the birth of malls everywhere. It was a time of new technology — from video games to the VCR, Radio Flyer - The 80's
and from personal computers to synthesizers in every band, the Eighties were times of rapid change and big hair. But as in past decades, Radio Flyer forged ahead with new products and innovative designs to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of their consumer. Radio Flyer - The 80's

First introduced in the 1960’s, the Radio Flyer Town & Country is a rugged, traditional wood wagon that has a “down-on-the-farm” feel that kids love. Its features put safety right up front, including smooth streamlined corners, a controlled turning radius that guards against tipping, and a quiet ride.
Radio Flyer Row Cart

The classic Radio Flyer Row Cart (pictured left) propelled kids forward with its fluid push-pull motion while they steered with their feet. Kids had fun while strengthening their motor skills!

Eye catching promotional items were always in fashion at Radio Flyer. The design work was diverse ranging from beautiful marker renderings to cut outs and rich photographic treatments. Radio Flyer working with other kid friendly entities like Bozo the Clown and Nickelodeon made people take notice.
Kid Friendly Kid Friendly
Radio Flyer Patio Furniture
During the Eighties, Radio Flyer began a line of outdoor products for Flyer Kids that were now all grown up. The outdoor line featured such items as lawn furniture (pictured right), and industrial grade wheelbarrows to help out with backyard projects. Though these outdoor products were designed for adult tastes, they continued to deliver the same Radio Flyer fun and excitement.
  Radio Flyer Patio Furniture Radio Flyer Patio Furniture