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Antonio Pasin circa 1918

Born in a small town outside of Venice, 16 year old Antonio Pasin (pictured above) dreamed of a new beginning in America. His family sold their mule to help pay for his voyage, and before long, Pasin made his way to Chicago where he looked for work as a cabinet-maker. Though he was a skilled craftsman like his father and grandfather before him, Pasin had little success finding work, and eventually became a water boy for a sewer digging crew.

He made his way through several jobs, and by 1917 had saved enough money to purchase some used wood working equipment and rented a one-room workshop. In this workshop, Pasin began fashioning wagons by night and selling them during the day.

The No.4 Liberty Coaster
By 1923, Pasin's business grew to include several employees. They became known as the Liberty Coaster Company, named after the Statue of Liberty, and soon created their first wagon the Liberty Coaster. The No. 4 Liberty Coaster was handcrafted in wood and sold directly to stores by Pasin himself. Pictured here is the historic No. 4 Liberty Coaster — the first in the long line of historic wagons to come.